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Having something break can be frustrating and a hassle to deal with. This is true whether it’s your dentures, a pair of glasses, or even electronics. It usually happens suddenly and unexpectedly.

If your dentures have a small chip or are completely split in half, we can help. Our experienced team is trained to handle denture emergencies quickly and professionally. Fixing your dentures properly will ensure that your dentures will fit correctly and won’t cause damage to your teeth or gums.

Here are some steps to follow if your dentures have broken:

  • Let us know right away about the damage to your dentures and schedule an appointment to get it fixed.
  • Do not wait to get it repaired or the denture could break even more.
  • Do not try to fix it temporarily using toxic substances. This will put your health at risk.

Our denturist, Andriy Khomyn, and his qualified team offer quick and dependable emergency denture repair service. With our on-site repair lab, we can make same-day affordable denture repairs while you wait.