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How will you know when it is time to schedule a check-up with your denturist?

Dentures typically last between five and ten years. It is important to visit regularly with your denturist to make sure your dentures still fit and are functioning properly. If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it is time to visit your denturist.


  • Have you had your dentures for more than five years?
  • Are you having difficulty chewing food?
  • Does wearing your dentures give you continued discomfort?
  • Has your mouth or gums become red or inflamed?
  • Are you having difficulty speaking?
  • Do your dentures have cracks or chips?
  • Are you always biting the side of your cheek or mouth?

Not all dentures are constructed the same way or out of the same materials. The most realistic-looking options are dentures made with materials from Ivoclar Vivadent. These are available at our fully-equipped denture lab. Our denturist serving patients in Mississauga and Oakville, Andriy Khomyn, will be able to provide you with the best dentures to meet your needs.

We make our dentures using the latest technologies to make sure they function and fit properly and will last for years.The dentures created in our lab are odor absorbent and resistant to plaque, bacteria growth, and staining. To see if you need an upgrade to your dentures, make an appointment today.

If you’re elsewhere in the greater Toronto area, please visit the Scarborough denture clinic or the Newmarket dentures center , both trused denture clinic we recommend.