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Why should you choose a Denturist?

You have taken the first step in your oral care, identifying your needs and priorities. This is the part where you may need to see a new specialist, one that isn’t well-known to the general public. What is a denturist and why would you need one?

When you have a general health concern, you would visit a primary doctor. However, if you have an ailment that needs specific treatment, you would see a specialist who has detailed training in that area. This is the case with dentures. When you need a specific dental treatment, like dentures, you need to visit a specialist, like a denturist.

Denturists may sometimes get overlooked, but they are highly-trained professionals that offer solutions for your denture needs. Just like any other specialist, they receive a rigorous education process and intense examinations to ensure they are qualified to work in this field.

The technical part of making a denture is a highly involved process where the denturist is the designer, architect, and technician all in one. They craft the denture according to the patient’s needs and mechanics required. Then they create the prosthesis and proceed with the insertion while making any necessary adjustments. This process requires excellent motor and spatial skills as well as a vision of the overall outcome. Making the prosthetics is one part of the job. However, the ultimate goal is to create a smile that fits each individual’s facial features and personality.

Creating dentures is not only an intricate process because of the technical part of the workload. It is also involved because of the time the denturist spends getting to know each patient and their individual needs. Denturists work closely with their patients in order to give them the best results possible.

Furthermore, patients do not need a referral to visit a denturist. They can research and choose who they specifically want to work with. Many dental plans provide coverage for denture services, including the following:


  • Private insurance companies
  • Veterans Affairs
  • ODSP
  • Social Services such as Peel Seniors Program